What We Learned From AME 2018

Just like Asset Management, the Asset Management Ecosystem conference is finding its way.  Coming out of year 2 in Baltimore, we have learned a lot about the asset owners, the sponsors and the community as a whole, and what they would like to see in next years program.  There is much to adjust in the program format to meet the needs of the community, and we are up to the task.  I believe that this doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but rather, is a collaboration of many organizations, allies, competitors and the associations that cater to specific areas of the equation.  If you are interested in adding your thoughts, click the comment button at the bottom of this post.

We have learned that this is truly a journey that might take many turns along the way, but the collaboration is key to success.  We all have a common goal of “driving value from assets” and agree that talking about the strategy of asset management and learning from experiences of others is a great platform to enhance our own initiatives.

As I look through the comments of what the community wants to see in next year’s program, it is apparent that we had hit a cord that resonates with many, but also elements we can include that would add value to the community.  Here are some of the comments from our evaluation.  What is interesting is that when you ask 20 people, you get 20 different answers…that makes it fun:

“Continued discussion on merging strategy with action and the cultural change aspects.  I thought the presentations were phenomenal.”

“Impact of risk management and asset management overlaps and connected data needs”

“What’s up beyond ISO 55001 implementation process — Decision making process — How to handle outsourcing through AM”

“Some deeper workshops on culture, people and change management”

“More business case studies of projects that have occurred.”

“Keep focusing on joining up c-suite top to bottom and across functions”

“Interested in organization change, digital strategies, and views of what is necessary to make technology work (but not a vendor view!)”

“Competency development in AM – how? Risk-based decision-making – how to establish at cultural level”

“Asset strategy management and execution.  The high-level topics are good and I believe a net add would be execution factor that they could take away from the conference”

“More around digitization and the business case for”

“Focus on SAMP (Strategic Asset Management Plan) for a tangible view of how to move this initiative forward”

“Still too many tactical operational topics.  More strategic issues should be examined.”

“Relationship between corporate strategy and asset management”

“A lot of presentations about AM works in progress, maybe some more success stories for folks that are further along in the journey.”

“Similar mix, case studies were great. Breaking down Silos would seem a good discussion point.”

“Asset investment strategies to drive value for the organization.”

So how do we go from here? 

  1. Submit your idea for a topic that you want to talk about in 2019.
  2. Collaborate with us to bring every asset owner to this program so that they can share their ideas or learn from what others are doing.
  3. Spread the word about this growing community via your social accounts and your colleagues within your organization.

Advancing this idea of strategic asset management is beneficial to all of us. Lets work together.


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