“Thank you once again for the opportunity and the latitude for me to share our perspective. Congratulations on pulling the conference together after pouring your personal energy and enthusiasm to convene an asset management community.” – GE Digital 

“It was a great conference.” – Bonneville Power Administration 

“Just a quick note to say thanks to you and the team for the conference this week. From our perspective, it was worth the involvement both in the run up to the week and for the connections and conversations during our time there. We have some really positive ‘follow ups’. We will be interested to hear more about what you are planning to do next. Thanks to you and your team for all efforts.” – SEAMS Ltd. 

“Thank you very much for starting up the AMEcosytem conference and targeting a higher-level audience.  I think you are on track for hitting a much-needed niche audience as the physical asset management professions advance in the coming years.  The executive level and expert/standards level organization keynotes were exactly what the corporate and public organization executives need to hear from independent parties so that they become more aware of how these professionals are working diligently to drive value from the assets for stakeholder benefit. Just wanted to thank you all for running a great first conference. You all made it a pleasure and made all the participants feel welcome and appreciated. At the reception booth area, in the breaks and whenever needed. You are a great team. Let’s do it again next year.” – Bentley Systems 

 “Thanks for putting on the Asset Management Ecosystem this year. It really was an excellent experience and I learned a lot.  In the debriefing, my manager expressed his certainty that next year more FortisBC people will attend. That is a sign of a growing community.” – FortisBC 

“I wanted to say thank you for the invitation to speak and participate in the Asset Management Ecosystem conference this week. I was very impressed by how well organized it was. The speaker line up was well rounded and the key notes hit the target.” – PEMAC  

“I enjoyed meeting you and all the folks at AME as well as speaking at the event.  I believe it was a success and, as I said, I will recommend that Infor exhibit there next year.  Also, I would like to return and speak again if that is possible.”- Infor 

 “I want to thank you both for all your work in putting together an outstanding event.  Kudos!  I am very much looking forward to the next one.” – Reliability Dynamics 

“Maxis appreciated the opportunity to exhibit at the recent AME conference in Las Vegas.  The venue for the conference was awesome and the way you organized events to take place in the exhibit hall gave vendors every opportunity to meet with customers.  The food was over the top and attendees should have immensely enjoyed the meals.  The speakers who presented at the conference were some of the best and are the “who’s who” in this industry.  The staff of Go-2-Learn was cordial and helpful and the exhibit company staff was very responsive. The conference was beneficial for Maxis and we made several good contacts.” – Maxis 

“Just a quick note to thank you and your team for your kind hospitality and an excellence conference in our opinion. First time is always the hardest and you pulled it off.” – TWPL 

“Thanks for a great event – good speakers, drink, food, and ample networking.” – Critigen 

“I thought the conference was set up very well and first class. Having attended and presented at dozens of conferences through my career, I sometimes get cynical because the message doesn’t change and rarely do companies apply the opportunities to get the benefit they are looking for, but that is the nature of the business, so I do appreciate the direction you are taking sticking to the strategy side of the equation and less on the tactical.” – Emerson

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