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Meet the Speaker: Terry Wireman

Session: Asset Management: Are We There Yet?



Terry Wireman 500x600 recentTerry Wireman, Senior Vice President Strategy, Vesta Partners

Terry L. Wireman serves as Senior Vice President of Strategic Development at Vesta Partners, LLC. Mr. Wireman leads Vesta’s Maintenance and Reliability Seminars and Training and provides strategic guidance to help Vesta Partners shape its market strategy and long-term direction. For over two decades, Mr. Wireman has been specializing in the improvement of maintenance management and reliability. He helps customers develop “Best-In Class” maintenance and reliability policies and practices. As an international expert in maintenance management, he assisted hundreds of clients in North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim to improve their maintenance effectiveness. Mr. Wireman serves as a Member of Advisory Board of Vesta Partners, LLC. In addition, he has authored twenty-five textbooks and scores of white papers and articles related to maintenance, reliability, and asset management process and technology. Mr. Wireman also represented Vesta on the US-TAG developing the ISO-55000 documents.



Are We There Yet?
Terry Wireman, Senior Vice President Strategy, Vesta Partners

After building a history of over 50 years of maintenance, reliability, and specifically asset management strategies, it seems appropriate to ask “Are We There Yet?”.  This presentation will start with a historical review of past maintenance, reliability, and asset management initiatives, beginning with Systems Engineering.

We will also consider issues that are a part of maintenance, reliability, and asset management today, such as enterprise asset management systems.  We will also look at asset management enablers such as organizational cultures, structures, and a workforce skills. We will also review of the enablers found in ISO-55000 and how they are impacting organizations today.

Using some of the highlights from presentations during the asset management ecosystem conference as a benchmark, we will review the current state of companies in these areas.  We will finish this presentation with a forecast into the future of maintenance, reliability, and asset management and their impacts on the asset management ecosystem.


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