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Meet the Speaker: Stephen Crampton

Session: Asset Management: Changing How Asset Information is Captured



Stephen CramptonStephen Crampton, CEO, ORDITAL

An engineer by background, Stephen’s career has been spent with software vendors who are focused on selling and supporting software used in a wide range of technical applications. Stephen lives in Melbourne, Australia, but has successfully built and led technical sales and support organizations across a wide range of territories, including 14 years based in North Asia.

Stephen founded ORDITAL in 2014 to take a new approach to synchronizing the physical and digital plant. As CEO, Stephen guided ORDITAL to develop and deliver a solution that is now used in the utilities and resources industries to efficiently assemble large catalogued archives of photos of assets and extract high quality asset information from that big data archive. ORDITAL provides an automated process to ensure that the physical and digital plant remain in sync. Stephen is responsible for all aspects of ORDITAL’s commercial and technical operations.



Changing How Asset Information is Captured
Stephen Crampton, CEO, ORDITAL

If all you knew was that you had a four- passenger car, how would you optimize maintenance and purchasing? Without knowing the make and model it would be difficult, yet that is what most organizations struggle with. Materialized asset information is either missing or out of sync with the physical asset.

Historically organizations have sent people out to inspect nameplates prior to making major decisions. Ad-hoc photos of the equipment are often taken during this process. This process is expensive, unreliable, and most photos taken during this inspection end up lost.

However, the world collects data differently now. In 2015, 1.4 billion smartphones shipped – enough for 20% of the world’s population. We all have smartphones with us all the time. We no longer write the information we want to capture – we take photos of it. But how do we turn photos into information?

ORDITAL provides a mobile app for the smartphone to allow capture, cataloguing and classification of vast quantities of asset photographs. ORDITAL turns that big data archive into asset information to optimize your business.


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