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Asset Management Ecosystem is an alliance with all solution providers to have a forum to illustrate where and how they fit into the ecosystem and to give customers a holistic view of how to improve their journey. View 2017 testimonials.

Most programs that you have access to, focus on the tactical areas of organizations that do the work. Although these areas are important to market to, they don’t often make the decisions around the tools and techniques they use, and the overall strategy for the assets. At AME, we have put significant effort into upping the game, and have focused on decision makers in the Asset Management Ecosystem.  From the c-suite to the asset management directors, we focus on all aspects of the AM equation, including: planning, procurement, finance, HR, engineering, maintenance, reliability and IT. 

AME is a platform/technology agnostic program because the issues that plague successful AM for organizations are not dependent on technology, but rather the people, culture, process side of the equation. Technology does play a role, but the solution for AM is about a holistic approach that focuses on the business objectives and ties directly to the organizations strategic plans. Technology solutions are enablers, and if you trumpet the business benefits to the right group, you increase your opportunities. We aim to provide content that attracts asset management decision makers.  

The program features decision makers in asset management, who are there to find solutions to their pressing AM issues.  

WHO WILL ATTEND AME? View the list of industries and job titles.


  • AME is going into year two and our community is growing rapidly
  • AME is a strategic program for decision-makers and senior leaders from asset intensive organizations
  • AME is “Plug & Play!” or “Bring your Own!”
    • We offer turn-key kiosk packages which require minimum set-up or you can opt to bring your own booth
  • Engage your brand with the AME community before, during and after the event
  • Social media exposure through our aggressive social initiatives
  • Lead and business generation opportunities
  • A new show with a fresh perspective from emerging thought-leaders and industry experts

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