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Seth McClure

Session: Start With the End in Mind



Seth McClure, Asset Manager, Madison Water Utility

Seth McClure is the Asset Manager for the Madison (Wisconsin) Water Utility. Prior to MWU Seth worked as a water resources engineer for various governmental agencies and private consultants in Wisconsin. Seth has a Master’s degree in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and an undergraduate degree in the humanities from the University of Texas, Austin. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Seth had a previous career as a high school math and physics teacher. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and two children.



Start With the End in Mind

Seth McClure, Asset Manager, Madison Water Utility

Perhaps an alternative title for this presentation would be “There’s Have To, and then there’s No We Really Have To:.

This phrase has become a cliché, and yet hasn’t lost its common sense power. Madison Water Utility had begun an asset management program without really understanding what we wanted to use it for. After stumbling around for three years, a series of financial mishaps pushed us to prioritize our capital improvement projects. While all were deemed necessary, we quickly learned that there are relative levels of necessity, and that being able to distinguish between project 3 and project 27 is ultimately what we need asset management to help us with. Going through the project prioritization process provided more clarity and direction than anything we had done to date and has now given us our asset management to-do list for the next few years. This presentation will outline our process and what we were able to glean from it.


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