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Meet the Speaker: Richard Rockwood

Session: Asset Management: Lessons Learned from the Leading Edge



rick-rockwood-500x600Richard Rockwood, Senior Management Consultant, TWPL

Based in the USA, Richard is a global asset management oil & gas expert who recently joined TWPL. He is uniquely qualified in establishing organizational values and behavioral changes through executive sponsorship, sustainability, reinforcement, and building client change agent capacity, capability, and coaching competence.  

Rick’s previous projects include orchestrating technical assurance, technical inspection, surveillance, and procurement for a $3.4 billion contract, and championing technical and quality assurance on a $19 billion project encompassing engineering performance, contractor performance, supplier and vendor procurement, mod yard and fab shop staffing (global perspective). He has also been responsible for performing global assurance audits of operational processes and activities, evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls, reporting on audit findings, making recommendations to address control gaps and process improvements with follow-up on the implementation status of recommendations.

Rick worked for Moody International as a global practice advisor and played a pivotal role in a $750 million merger through establishing culture, values, expectations, and behaviors for the global service provider. He was also a global practice advisor for an energy practice for ABB in Houston. Rick was a total reliability global project manager for Shell Exploration and Production (Asia, Europe, Middle East, N/S America), where the role included building and managing oversight on a total reliability Operational Excellence Management System initiative to #2 ‘best in the Shell world’ in 2005.  He also mentored and managed a global team of 20-plus Shell Asia-based change agents and mentored Shell Global Solutions internal consultants in global benchmark and readiness assessment.



Asset Management: Lessons Learned from the Leading Edge
Richard Rockwood, Senior Management Consultant, TWPL

Most organizations would agree that unless you turn your strategic vision into value-added deliverables through execution that at the end of the day you haven’t delivered value.

From our 30+ years of experience of global experience we agree.  Unfortunately, many organizations seem to equate value by the number of consulting gap assessments collected and the corresponding 3-ring binders that are gathering dust on the back of the credenza in the corner office.  Much like the adage in sales that “nothing happens until the sale is made” so too the same holds true for Asset Management that nothing can or will happen until you turn your strategies and goals into deliverable actions through execution.

The central premise of this presentation doesn’t start at the beginning of your Asset Management Journey and works forward.  Rather it starts at the end of the Asset Management Journey and traces the key Lessons Learned by working backwards to the beginning much like a CSI (crime scenes investigation) or RCA (Root Cause Analysis).  In affect we are looking to identify the things that worked and the things that didn’t materialize as planned or hoped. In other words, we are capturing Lessons Learned.

This paper presents several findings from the context of Asset Management that the presenter has experienced in hundreds of practical experiences in the field of Asset Management.  Focus areas will naturally address areas that need to be improved but also address key findings of things that traditionally bear repeating as having been successful time after time.  

Included in the presentation will be Lessons Learned from:

• International experiences from around the globe
• Asset Intensive industries representing manufacturing, mining, pulp and paper, oil and gas
• Special emphasis placed on integration Lessons Learned from process + people + technology in the context of Asset Management


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