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Meet the Speaker: Phil Beelendorf

Session: Business Based Asset Management – A Strategic Approach



phil-beelendorfPhil Beelendorf, Maintenance Technology Senior Manager, Roquette America

Phil Beelendorf CMRP, CRL, has 25 years of industrial experience and has spent the last 15 years in the Maintenance & Reliability profession. As the leader of Roquette America’s reliability excellence strategy, Phil is responsible for creating an atmosphere where best-in-class performance can take root. Phil is also one of five members of Roquette’s global maintenance and reliability steering committee. Phil has given several maintenance and reliability presentations at previous SMRP and IMC conferences, and has also presented overseas at Roquette’s global group reunions. He has been published numerous times and is also the author of a blog, “Reality Excellence – Building Results Driven Reliability Programs in the Real World.” Phil was the keynote speaker at the 2016 Nebraska/Iowa SMRP training event. Phil has also developed and facilitated several maintenance and reliability training classes and workshops throughout his career for the companies where he has been employed and has recently started hosting webinars for Plant Services, where he is a featured author. 



Business Based Asset Management – A Strategic Approach
Phil Beelendorf, Maintenance Technology Senior Manager, Roquette America

What is business-based Asset Management? As a philosophy, how does it differ from proactive maintenance? Ask CEOs of organizations who adopt a business-based maintenance approach and they will tell you that the purpose of maintenance is to create customer satisfaction by maintaining asset health and availability at the lowest total cost of ownership. They will further explain that the maintenance program is designed to be part of an overall business strategy which collectively positions the organization as THE reliable supplier of choice, thus giving the organization a competitive advantage in its market. Imagine your CEO proclaiming that your maintenance program gives the organization a competitive advantage! Business-based maintenance looks very similar to the proactive maintenance model with one key distinction: business-based maintenance engages the entire organization in the maintenance effort and it focuses as much energy on employee development as it does in investing in programs and technology. Attend this presentation and learn how to create a culture that focuses on the customer through its asset management strategy. 

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