Pipeline Software, CIO Review’s 50 Most Promising Utilities Technology Solution Providers [2014]

PIPELINE’s Syntempo provides the client with a revolutionary communication and work coordination system for their outages. It provided real-time visibility to progress and problems enabling the outage team to dynamically optimize resources and stay on schedule. In the 2014, in a single refueling outage, the client was able to save 63 hours of critical path delays saving more than $4 million dollars.[…]

Uberlytics, MCES Complete First Phase of Criticality Analysis for Asset Management

Phoenix, AZ –  In March 2016, Uberlytics was contracted by Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) to facilitate two criticality analyses that will identify system/asset structure and provide a criticality ranking for equipment in two facilities. These first studies will establish an approach to complete criticality analyses in all MCES facilities in the future in order[…]

Preventative Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Analytics?

[This post was written and provided by Krista Grochowski and Rich Padula of Havensight Consulting.] Let’s start with some basic definitions: Preventative Maintenance (PM):  Regularly performed tasks on a working piece of equipment that lessens the likelihood of that equipment failing. Predictive Maintenance (PdM):  Methods designed to determine the condition of working equipment in order to predict[…]

SEAMS: The asset investment planning challenge and how to solve it:

SEAMS: The asset investment planning challenge and how to solve it: Globally, many utility companies report a stark contrast between their strategic plan and their actual delivery plans. For a variety of reasons, the projects carried out often bear little or no relation to the strategic investment plan. The success of individual projects, the way[…]

GE Digital’s Shefali Patel to Speak at AME

Look Who’s Speaking  Shefali Patel, Director of Strategy & Marketing at GE Digital Shefali Patel is the Director for Marketing at GE. Her focus at GE Digital is to commercialize GE’s industrial internet applications, specifically asset performance management and drive product innovation in software and data analytics. She is a proud member of a highly[…]

The Three Pillars of an Integrated Asset Management Platform [3 of 3]

The Three Pillars of an Integrated Asset Management Platform [Post 3 of 3; Provided by Critigen] Reporting and Analytics Adding location to reporting and analytics brings new insights to organizations and is an important consideration in the overall GIS-SAP integration strategy. Specifically, the visualization of data, the availability and source of the data, and the[…]