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Meet the Speaker: 
Lou Cripps

Session: An Asset Management Culture



Lou Cripps, Senior Manager, Asset Management, Regional Transportation District (RTD) 

Lou Cripps is the Senior Manager of the Asset Management team at Denver’s Regional Transportation District (RTD). RTD is a multi-modal transit agency serving a population of over 2.9 million people across 2,300 square miles. He is the current American Public Transportation Association (APTA) Co-Chair for the Performance Based Planning committee, and Leadership APTA and Leadership Denver alumnus. A specialist in asset management, Lou has a background in leadership development, maintenance, reliability, and data analysis. His education and over 25 years’ experience in transportation supports his professional passion to improve public transportation asset life-cycle management, reliability, and overall quality of customer service.



An Asset Management Culture

Lou Cripps, Senior Manager, Asset Management, Regional Transportation District (RTD) 

RTD (Denver’s Regional Transportation District) was faced with a challenge to comply with new legislative requirements that agencies had to align to a Transit Asset Management Plan (TAMP) and practices for compliance. This change in legislation provided leadership at RTD the opportunity to shift organizational culture from system expansion to a more stewardship or sustainable operate-and-maintain mindset.  This shift in culture included increasing benefits gained by using the management system framework of International Standards Organization’s ISO55000.

RTD’s GM/CEO Dave Genova has said he wants his legacy to be a sustainable system.  Join Lou Cripps as he compares this to Jim Collins in his book Good to Great, where he says – (paraphrasing) the best leaders leave a lasting legacy of profitability or build companies to last.  In transit, our currency is ridership.  If the company goes on to flourish after the leader has left then they were a great leader.  Dave is committed to ISO 55000 specifically because it is a proven system to accomplish his goals.

The presentation will provide examples, experiences and lessons learned on the way to establishing an ever-maturing AM program that is an integral part of overall business practices. It will demonstrate how leaders within RTD have engaged to create the ‘why’ and moved from support to commitment.  This more strategic approach towards improvement in operating, and maintaining, using a proven framework like ISO55000, adds value and delivers compliance to Map-21 and FAST Act legislation.


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