A Letter From Steve Sinkoff

A Letter from Steve Sinkoff

To the Asset Management Ecosystem,

There is a lot to consider about how we approach the new and transforming economy. We are all challenged to embrace the tried and true foundations we know and the disrupters we need to be competitive.

For the last ten years, my team and I at Go2Learn have been producing dynamic, real-world, and interactive business conferences for thousands of attendees from hundreds of companies and dozens of industries around the world.

Our emphasis is on the strategy, culture, process and technology challenges that organizations are experiencing. We build content and community around those issue areas and bring together key thought-leaders, subject-matter experts, executives, line-of-business leaders and key software and solution providers to share their experiences.

Asset Management Ecosystem is an alliance with all solution providers to have a forum to illustrate where and how they fit into the ecosystem and to give customers a holistic view of how to improve their journey. Whether you are running JDE, Maximo, SAP, Infor or another, you most likely have gaps in your functionality that can only be addressed with a third party solution. That is why we started this new program to address these issues that I have seen for many years and heard about in thousands of conversations.

I personally invite you to join our (r)evolution to change business as usual, and together, let’s learn the possibilities to drive efficiencies.


Steve Sinkoff
CEO, Go2Learn

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