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Meet the Speakers: Bob Kazar & George Simonoff

Session: Project SOAR: Reliability and Lean Meet



Bob Kazar, The Wonderful CompanyBob Kazar, Director of Reliability Systems, The Wonderful Company

Bob has 30 years of Reliability & Maintenance experience in positions such as craftsman, maintenance manager, CMMS database administrator, maintenance engineer and project manager, in various industries including building materials, food packaging and food processing equipment. Bob holds certifications in Project Management (PMP) and is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional (CMRP) through the SMRP Association. He has a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and a Bachelors degree in Information Systems. Bob is a volunteer for SMRP (Society for Maintenance and Reliability Professionals), Best Practices Team Member since 2006, was the Annual Conference Committee Chair in 2012, and presently serves on the SMRP Board of Directors. Currently Bob is the Director of Reliability Systems for The Wonderful Company’s corporate Reliability Team responsible for Physical Asset Management, Reliability Work Processes and Oracle eAM.


George Simonoff, Director of Reliability, The Wonderful Company

George has 20 years of experience in the glass and food industries at the plant and corporate level. In his current role, George contributes as the Director of Maintenance and Reliability at The Wonderful Company. He is an engineering graduate from Youngstown State University.

George’s contributions have been implementing work processes, improved utilization of CMMS, development and mentorship of maintenance leaders, predictive inspections, material coordination processes, craft skills development, strategy, and leadership. Some of George’s proudest accomplishments are the partnerships developed within the plant teams on his recent assignment.



Project SOAR: Reliability and Lean Meet
Bob Kazar, Director of Reliability Systems, The Wonderful Company
George Simonoff, Director of Reliability, The Wonderful Company

Project SOAR, Simplify – Organize and Achieve Results, was implemented at the world’s largest citrus packing house in Delano California. The project was executed in a new facility staffed by employees who previously worked in traditional style pack houses. The new facility was capital-intensive and had the most sophisticated assets known to the industry. Old meets new would be an understatement, substantial change and education were necessary to drive the results expected by upper management. The product is citrus and the trees were already planted so there was a continual increase of incoming product each season. The plant had to pack the product or plow it into the ground as fertilizer.

Bringing the operation from a highly reactive site to a level of more planned / proactive activities was achieved by a combination of two programs, Reliability and Lean. Specific projects involving people, process, and technology were implemented to drive performance. Lean concepts drove both operational and reliability process improvements. Solid reliability basics and standards drove up capacity and sustained the gains. This paper covers the steps in the program to transition from highly reactive to a planned and proactive state.

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