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Kari Myers

Session: An Asset Management Program that Services the Core Mission



Kari Myers, Asset Czar, Caltech

Kari Myers began her Asset Management journey in October 2015 as Caltech’s first-ever “Asset Czar”. An operations veteran from the standards-driven electronics design and manufacturing industry, she was drawn to the mission of creating a data-driven asset management culture in the Facilities department at Caltech. Kari holds a BA in Information Studies from Florida State University and specializes in business intelligence, information management and systems implementation. A Florida native, Kari spends her free time exploring her new home state of California, studies French, and shares her love of tech by teaching students in STEM and GATE educational programs at Caltech and area schools.



An Asset Management Program that Services the Core Mission

Kari Myers, Asset Czar, Caltech

Any institution with a legacy of success can easily rely on trusting “the way we’ve always done it”, even one as future-focused as Caltech – a community comprised of some of the world’s greatest scientific minds. Serving the increasingly complex needs of the campus required the Facilities department to fully commit to comprehensive cultural shift. By rethinking relationships—between people and processes, systems and satisfaction—Facilities revitalized its approach to maintenance, operations and customer service and radically revamped business-as-usual. Using strategic asset management methodologies, implementing robust systems and standardizing the classification of the physical environment, Facilities created a common language to bind the functional groups of the department. This new framework captures decision-driving data, streamlines capital projects, enhances communication and answers critical business questions.

Caltech’s first “Asset Czar”, Kari Myers, identifies the guiding principles used in the transformation of the Caltech Facilities department and discusses how Asset Management serves the core mission of the university – “to expand human knowledge and benefit society through research and education”.


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