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Meet the Speaker: Jim Dieter

Session: The Asset Management Universe



jim_dieter-1Jim Dieter
, Executive Director, Asset Leadership Network

Jim Dieter is the Executive Director of the Asset Leadership Network and an Asset Management expert and consultant with experience spanning multiple Asset Management sectors.

Organizations served include Northrop Grumman, CSC, Honeywell, SAIC, Sunflower Systems, New York Power Authority, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Commerce, Social Security Administration, NASA, EPA, Department of Education, and various Department of Defense components.

As a leader in the international Asset Management community, Jim is head of US Delegation to ISO TC/251 for ISO 55000, has written seven ASTM Asset Management standards, and is a member of the Institute of Asset Management and the NPMA.  

Under Jim’s leadership, the vision of the Asset Leadership Network is to increase the awareness of private industry, public organizations and government entities regarding the application and use of ISO 55000 to realize the full value of their assets through managing risk and opportunity in order to achieve the desired balance of cost, risk and performance. 



The Asset Management Universe
Jim Dieter, Executive DirectorAsset Leadership Network

The Asset Management universe is incredibly large and diverse. And like different planets in distant solar systems, we find it surprising that others doing Asset Management even exist! In the midst of incredible expertise in specific sectors and specific functions, little sharing and even less cross-fertilization is happening.  

Yet we are at a moment of amazing opportunity. ISO 55000 and a rising tide of international success stories means we have a proven approach and solution to age old problems – many of which have not yet even been identified by executives as problems, and critically – sources of organizational value.

What might each of us accomplish for our organizations if we find the means to traverse the distance between us, enhance our capabilities, and articulate this value vision to boards and executives? 


  • Identify the path to organizational value from asset management
  • Enhance mutual understanding and contribute to the practice of asset management
  • Build professional capability through sharing and opportunities for learning from others.

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