GE Digital’s Shefali Patel to Speak at AME

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 Shefali Patel, Director of Strategy & Marketing at GE Digital

Shefali Patel, GE DigitalShefali Patel is the Director for Marketing at GE. Her focus at GE Digital is to commercialize GE’s industrial internet applications, specifically asset performance management and drive product innovation in software and data analytics. She is a proud member of a highly talented team passionately scaling and transforming GE to become a digital industrial company.

Over her five years at GE, she has held leadership roles in corporate strategy and strategic marketing for cross-industry go to market initiatives such as unconventional oil & gas, distributed power, smart grid and energy-water nexus.

Prior to GE, she co-founded a MIT spin off, Element 14, to commercialize a disruptive Silicon technology for Solar Energy applications. She received a mid-career MBA at MIT Sloan school of Management.

Before joining Sloan, Shefali spent 14 years at Motorola in various leadership roles including engineering management, technology transfer and customer engagement for microprocessor & sensor solutions in automotive and telecommunication industries.

She holds a B.S in Materials Science & Engineering (MIT), M.S. in Electrical Engineering (Cornell University).

 SESSION: GE’s Digital Transformation

Digital transformation and disruption are forces that most business leaders contend with today. They traverse a vast landscape of fundamental business changes an organization undergoes to evolve, and incumbent practices that signal the need to change in the first place.

In this talk we will address multiple tenets of a digital imperative from GE’s point of view. Becoming a digital industrial company has been a cultural and strategic shift that required investing in a new growth engine outside of GE’s core business.

But what prompts an organization to fundamentally embrace a new business model? How does a 124 year-old company uphold a commitment to behave and think like a contemporary start-up? Answers lie in the leadership mind-set and conventional practice of market and new technology pulsing that have sown seeds of reinvention through business and technology strategy for years.

In 2011, we identified big data visualization and insights, and the digital platform-driven business model as sources of creating new value for GE and our customers, which has unleashed a new world of industrial internet. Today, we are scaling a digital industrial company by investing in technical and commercial capabilities, attracting new talent, and maintaining a relentless focus on innovation, speed and measurement. This endeavor is a co-creation effort with our customers across different sectors, who have embraced digital mind-set and are piloting our digital solutions to drive productivity.

It has been a tremendous journey that has just started. We look forward to sharing its arc and lessons learned, and benefit from your perspective on your digital transformation.

 Look Who’s Speaking

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