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Meet the Speaker: Dr. Klaus Blache

Session: Using Assets as a Competitive Advantage



Klaus Blache, Univ of TennesseeDr. Klaus Blache, Director, RMC & Research Professor, University of Tennessee

Dr. Blache has over 30 years of experience in various areas of manufacturing and continuous improvement (processes and people). Included are areas such as lean manufacturing, reliability & maintenance, competitive analysis, continuous improvement tools and techniques, new facility planning and implementation, industrial engineering, ergonomics, and change management. He has written and lectured globally in numerous technical and management areas. 

Klaus is currently at the University of Tennessee as the Director of the Reliability & Maintainability Center and Research Professor (College of Engineering). Prior to that, his most recent corporate assignments were Manufacturing Engineering Director (Cadillac), Engineering Launch Manager (new assembly plant), Global Manager of Manufacturing Reliability & Maintenance, and Manager, Corporate Industrial Engineering for General Motors. His experiences include implementing large changes and sustainable continuous improvement around the world, developing a corporate R&M process and global implementation, plant assessments/benchmarking and numerous related assignments. Klaus is also a past chairman of SMRP (Society of Maintenance & Reliability Professionals).



Using Assets as a Competitive Advantage
Dr. Klaus Blache, Director, RMC & Research Professor, University of Tennessee

A combination of Reliability & Maintainability (R&M) viewpoints on implementation results, trends, and observations from benchmarking surveys and plant floor observations will be discussed to highlight enablers for success. Knowing how and when to utilize R&M concepts and tools can greatly strengthen your decision-making capability and enhance continuous improvement of your assets, processes, and overall operations.

In a review of over 200 global facilities (including a recent 2015/2016 study), the better running operations typically used most of the R&M tools and techniques. Although the same processes are available to all, it’s those companies willing and able to nurture and support an engaged workforce that will rise to a higher level of competitiveness. Attaining a greater level of reliability maturity in your organization requires a supportive leadership style that understands the R&M relationships to business excellence.

Knowing how to properly integrate culture, key performance indicators, and leadership is critical to enabling a continuous improvement process that can attain and sustain a competitive lifecycle asset management process.


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