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Meet the Speaker: Dave Wilbur

Session: Admitting Human Error in the Workplace – Maximizing Asset Reliability with Human Factors



Dave Wilbur 500x600 finalDave Wilbur
, CEO, Vetergy Group

David has served as a fighter pilot and Commanding Officer in the US Marines, and Business Unit Manager and Entrepreneur in private sector industries. From the pressure of combat to unforgiving environments in industry, David experienced a parallel demand for unparalleled human reliability. David has designed and implemented enterprise programs to deliver human reliability in operations where mistakes can be life threatening, economically disastrous, and environmentally catastrophic on a global scale. David has learned that reliable human performance distills to a set of key principles. 



Admitting Human Error in the Workplace – Maximizing Asset Reliability with Human Factors
Dave Wilbur, CEO, Vetergy Group

Attendees will be introduced to human error as a tool for improving organizational reliability.  We find that, as a rule, people do not set out to cause failure; rather, they aim to contribute to the larger success of their organization. Nevertheless, as part of a multi-dimensional operating framework, individuals are sometimes shepherded by complex events into making decisions that instead contribute to failures.  

We view organizations as complex systems with emergent behavior, unforeseen from a reductionist view of individuals’ behaviors. Instead of blaming individuals for error, we ask why the system responded the way it did.  

Human error is inevitable and serves as a symptom of systemic failure.  As with all symptoms, it becomes a signal spurring systemic change. The idea is to welcome human error as an indication that leadership should investigate the dark, murky, uncomfortable cultural issues that made the error seem like a good idea at the time.

We illustrate our ideas with first-hand stories from our experiences as naval aviators and consultants to the oil & gas and chemical manufacturing industries.

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