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Meet the Speaker: Dan Miklovic

Session: Managing the Asset Lifecycle in an IIoT World



Dan Miklovic, Principal Analyst, LNS Research

Dan Miklovic is a 45+ year veteran of the maintenance management field, having written his first CMMS application in 1970 as an engineering intern at Mallinckrodt Chemical.  He is currently a Principal Analyst at LNS Research where he leads their Operational Architecture research.  Prior to LNS he was a Managing Vice President at Gartner Group, where he coined the term Enterprise Asset Management, for 15 years leading their manufacturing and asset-intensive industry research.  An author, educator and business TV personality, Mr. Miklovic has a BSEE from the University of Missouri and a MS in Management from the University of Southern California.  As a certified Lean Sensei, Mr. Miklovic has helped numerous companies in industries from Aerospace and Defense to Transportation as well as the several branches of the US Government define their Asset Management strategy and technology portfolio. He resides in St. Louis, Missouri.



Managing the Asset Lifecycle in an IIoT World
Dan Miklovic, Principal Analyst, LNS Research

Digital Transformation means shifting to new production, business, and customer engagement models and enabling unprecedented business possibilities like packaged services of industrial equipment, selling capacity instead of capital and improved performance. For industries that rely on physical assets to produce the goods and services they deliver, smart connected assets are at the heart of their Digital Transformation efforts. Asset Performance Management (APM) has been an area of early success for smart connected assets. Many of the ROI case studies for deploying smart connected assets have centered on their value in improving the reliability of production equipment. It is obvious that lower downtime leads to higher productivity, but it can also contribute to improved quality as well. The question that many businesses have is “How will Smart Connected Assets, coupled with APM, enable me to transform my business in this age of digitalization?”  In this session we will review the status of organizations moving to Smart Connected Assets, the drivers behind it and the steps to take to move forward.

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