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Every organization is looking to figure out how to be more strategic about their assets. Getting your asset management journey off the ground and keeping it on track are two common challenges for many organizations. AME features many of the global leaders in Asset Management who are there to share their experience to help you make better asset decisions.

Paul Chinowsky, Professor of Sustainable Development, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering, University of Colorado

Dr. Paul S. Chinowsky is the Mortenson Professor of Sustainable Development in the Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado and Co-Founder of Resilient Analytics. Paul is currently conducting research in the areas of infrastructure adaptation to climate change and high-performance organizations. In the area of climate change, Paul and his team at Resilient Analytics have developed one of the first models that addresses an engineering perspective on infrastructure adaptation in direct response to climate change. He is currently working on research for groups including the Environmental Protection Agency, United Nations, and the World Bank to continue to refine these models and provide a global baseline for infrastructure adaptation costs. Paul is actively collaborating on these topics with experts from economics, engineering, and climate in a global collaboration network. 



Dr Kofi Smith, President & CEO, Atlanta Airlines Terminal CompanyDr Kofi Smith, President & CEO, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company

Dr. Kofi Smith serves as the President & CEO of the Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company (AATC). Since Kofi’s arrival, AATC has grown its employee base by 109%, creating more positions and employment opportunities for Atlanta residents. Under Kofi’s leadership, AATC has been recognized as one of the Top 20 “Best Places to Work” for medium size companies in the Atlanta Business Chronicle.






Biju George, Executive VP, DC WaterBiju George, EVP Operations and Engineering, DC Water

Biju George is responsible for the performance management of operations & engineering. He participates in the implementation of the Authority’s strategic plan and works with the Chief Financial Officer in overseeing the development of operating budgets and operating policies. Additionally, Biju reviews divisions’ operational and financial performance and meets with department heads to discuss the feasibility of strategic initiatives.






Javier Fernandez, CFO, Oklahoma Public Power District (OPPD)Javier Fernandez, CFO, Omaha Public Power District (OPPD)

Javier Fernandez joined OPPD in June 2017 as vice president and chief financial officer. Javier came to OPPD from the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA), U.S. Department of Energy, in Portland, Oregon. He had been with the federal power marketing organization since 2012, most recently serving as executive vice president and chief financial officer. He previously served as senior vice president of Fixed Income Capital Markets for D.A. Davidson & Company and vice president of Public Finance for Seattle-Northwest Securities Corporation.





Eric BishopEric Bishop, Asset Management Program Manager
University Health System 

Eric Bishop is the Asset Management Program Manager for University Health System, located in San Antonio, Texas; the first health system to be awarded the  ISO 55001 designation. After nearly a decade in the mining industry, working on the financial side of the fence, Eric moved over to the medical industry to meld both his passion for numbers and tangible goods.  Here, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the department that not only services two hospitals, one being two million square feet, but thirty-five clinics in and around Bexar county, spanning 1200 square miles. These services include establishing perpetual inventories, asset handling, and database management amongst other activities needed to keep University Health System’s assets in line with their core values and mission.



Julie Korak, PhD., P.E. Assistant Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Architectural Engineering at the University of Colorado Boulder

Julie Korak, Ph.D., P.E. is a water treatment engineer focusing on drinking water, industrial water, and water reuse for diverse applications. Her passion is developing holistic water treatment processes from the fundamental chemistry to long term infrastructure management. Drinking water treatment plants and the network of distribution systems supplying consumers collectively represent one of the US’s largest public infrastructure assets. Implementing resilient treatment operations and maintaining the integrity of aging infrastructure require both the proactive planning for deliberate or unplanned (e.g., natural disaster) system changes and effective system monitoring strategies for real-time decision making. 




Rhys DaviesRhys Davies, Chair of TC251 (the ISO55000 committee)

Rhys Davies is the Chairman of ISO Committee (TC251) leading 30 countries in developing International Standards for Asset Management leading to the publication of the ISO55000 series in 2014. He continues to direct that group in its ongoing work now focusing on public policy and finance.

Rhys is also Global Consulting Leader Digital Asset Management for SNC Lavalin.Rhys has developed his career as an asset management specialist in a variety of industries including Aerospace, Defense, Rail, Telecoms, Utilities and the Oil industry. Rhys’ roles have included systems design, consultancy, operations management and audit.




John Woodhouse, TWPLJohn Woodhouse, CEO, The Woodhouse Partnership, Ltd

John is CEO of the consulting and training organization, TWPL. With a personal senior management background in the oil industry (esp. Shell O&G and refining) and major engineering (Kvaerner), he launched TWPL in 1995 as a consortium of former senior industrial managers to provide pragmatic advice, training and support in physical asset-dependent organizations. John is also Founder, Fellow and Chair of the Panel of Experts for the Institute of Asset Management. He chaired the BSI/IAM development of the PAS 55 standard for optimal management of physical assets, and was UK Expert Representative in the development of the first International Standard for Asset Management (ISO55000).





Michael Salvato, Mott MacDonaldMichael Salvato, Vice President, Infrastructure Advisory Services, Mott MacDonald

Michael A. Salvato is the Vice President of Advisory Services at Mott MacDonald, a global engineering, management and development consultancy.  Mike has pioneered the application of digital technologies to asset management, urban infrastructure, and smart cities and is a recognized thought leader in the fields of Urban Systems and Informatics.  As a strategic partner, Mike works with infrastructure owners and operators to advance business initiatives that unlock asset value, efficiencies, and sustainability required to meet the rising expectations of customers, government, industry, and society.




Norm PoynterNorm Poynter, Managing Director, NLAS Possibilities & Asset Management Advocates

Norm is a very skilled senior management consultant with deep expertise in asset information management, master data governance, best practices and standards creation.  He has successfully led many projects within oil & gas, chemical, agriculture, utilities, public sector and others in the areas of turnaround management, re-engineering, process improvements, process safety, data and governance/management. He has successfully built a comprehensive, world-class EAM team. Norm focuses on integration of systems across landscapes to form knowledge execution management systems, asset information management systems, and sustainable groups of core corporate competencies and subject matter (communities of practice). This approach is used to enable standardization, consistency, and productivity through better use of grass roots technologies like SAP.



Joseph GroblerJoseph Grobler, Founder & Managing Director, Transform Value Consulting

Joseph Grobler, the leader of Transform Value Consulting is a leading global supply chain expert who focuses on creating value within the existing core functionality already owned by an organization.  The asset management supply chain holds a huge amount of value.  Joseph is the creator of world leading supply chain optimization methodologies that leverage integration to drive value.



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