AME 2018 in Baltimore on April 29- May 2, 2018

AME comes to Baltimore

Mark your calendars for April 29 – May 2, 2018 to join the Asset Management Ecosystem (AME) Community in Baltimore at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.   

The Asset Management Ecosystem is designed to give senior management insight to the best pathway to ensuring that they are making the best decisions possible to maximize the value of their assets. It gives the managerial and tactical teams the communication tools to build their AM business plans to align with the organizations business objectives. 

The goal of the Asset Management Ecosystem is to give insight and expertise around reimagining the asset management ecosystem. It starts with a strategic plan that all asset stakeholders agree upon.  It’s a coordinated series of goals and actions that culminate to activities to realize value from their assets. The hub of a good asset strategy is making the best decisions possible for the long-term objectives of the organization.  Taking into consideration the costs, risks and performance of assets over time. Decisions are only as good as the information that it’s based on, and the people, departments and process responsible for collaborating the effort. 

About AME

AME is about Asset Management and a broader focus than just Managing Assets.  We look to encompass many organizational levels and applying to all functions or departments.  AME focuses on:

  • The purpose of your organization and what assets does it need – and why
  • Value, purpose and long-term outcomes
  • Risk and context e.g. markets / climate / regulation
  • Holistic approach to different funding streams e.g. CAPEX and OPEX
  • Collaborative behaviors – breaking down silos both internal and supply chain
  • How do the assets contribute to the organizational value

Consider joining us in 2018, and be part of the new wave of collaboration of all asset stakeholders. Interested in speaking, please submit an abstract by November 17, 2017.  Interested in being part of the ecosystem as a partner, become a sponsor.



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