Abstract Help:

Please keep your abstract to 175 words. Consider yourself as an audience member, and make your session about what would be important for you to hear in a session like yours. Make the perspective of your talk toward groups about to embark on the initiative you just went on. Outline your story in the following way:
1. What was the business challenge you faced?
2. How did you approach and solve the issues?
3. What were the results for the business?

Bio Help:

Please keep your personal Bio to 150 words. Write this from the 3rd person perspective. As an example:

Fred Flintstone is a recognized leader with demonstrated results in transforming business change. Fred is the chief technology officer of Slate Rock and Gravel Company and is responsible for the development and implementation of sustainable, business-led data and process governance practices. He currently heads the multi-disciplinary team in regard to SRGC’s Boulders to Pebbles data initiative, which has demonstrated world-class, insight-driven data results, to enable SRGC to become the bedrock of the gravel industry.

Before SRGC, Fred was the director of geology at Rockhead and Quarry Cave Construction Company where he built rock-solid data teams to crush the numbers (pebbles) to sand (results). Fred received his granite tablet degree from the University of Arkanstone at Little Rock.