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Introducing the 3rd Annual Asset Management Ecosystem 

Back in 2015, Go2Learn had a vision to create a North American Forum for senior leaders to come together to discuss, debate, and share successes and failures around the journey toward strategic asset management.  Our approach is to showcase asset management as a driver of value to all asset owners, no matter how their organizations are structured.  Excellent value has been unlocked by both public infrastructure owners and private entities by approaching asset management with a more comprehensive view toward the life-cycle of their assets.  That means getting all stakeholders involved, from the c-suite to finance, procurement, HR, engineering, supply chain, production, reliability, maintenance and IT, to break down the silos toward the goal of achieving better business outcomes. 

Going into its third year, the Asset Management Ecosystem has had two very successful years to build this program and community and is looking forward to 2019.  At AME, many global companies have shared their journey toward a holistic approach to strategic asset management. 

















Organizations strive to have their assets run more reliable, at lower cost and with improved safety.

What we learned at the 2018 AME program in Baltimore is that an organization’s culture is the most critical aspect of a successful asset management strategy. Organizations that align their people, culture, processes and strategy often realize huge benefits of cost-savings, reduced risk, and improved performance.  

Starting from the analysis and strategy of designing a comprehensive asset management program to the tools and technologies to get you there, AME does what no other program has done…we focus on the business benefit and the long-term asset strategy to increase resiliency and sustainability, rather than the tactical side of this equation. It’s not about the tools, but about making the right business decisions to become more competitive.

The goal of the Asset Management Ecosystem is to give insight and expertise around reimagining the asset management ecosystem.

The Asset Management Ecosystem is designed to give business leaders an opportunity to meet face-to-face with their peers’ experience to develop a pathway to ensuring that they are making the best decisions possible to maximize the value of their assets. It also gives the managerial and tactical teams the communication tools to build their AM business plans to align with the organizations business objectives. 


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