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Meet the Speaker: 
Eric Bishop

Session: The Benefits of Personal Property Asset Management



Eric Bishop, Asset Management Program Manager, University Health System 

Eric Bishop is the Asset Management Program Manager for University Health System, located in San Antonio, Texas; the first health system to be awarded the  ISO 55001 designation. After nearly a decade in the mining industry, working on the financial side of the fence, Eric moved over to the medical industry to meld both his passion for numbers and tangible goods.  Here, he oversees the day-to-day operations of the department that not only services two hospitals, one being two million square feet, but thirty-five clinics in and around Bexar county, spanning 1200 square miles. These services include establishing perpetual inventories, asset handling, and database management amongst other activities needed to keep University Health System’s assets in line with their core values and mission.



The Benefits of Personal Property Asset Management

So, why is asset management important? We all know why it is vital to our industries or else we wouldn’t be here, but can we explain and lead by example to show how important it is to our stakeholders?  The ability to show participants that asset management , specifically that of personal property, can help lower the cost of doing business; provide end-users within the organization the confidence that they have all the resources available for doing the best job they can; and helping leadership make better informed decisions about future projects are just some of the critical points to getting buy in from them to participate. Not only is Asset Management important in helping build a financially healthy business or organization, but it can help bestow buoyancy in your product with both consumers and communities alike by showing them you are responsible with your acquisitions.


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