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AMA: Asset Management Advocates focuses on results-oriented Asset Management training, coaching, assessments, advice, guidance, configuration, and results in a real-world, hands-on, collaborative relationship with the companies we assist. Organizations often concentrate too much on the technology upgrade itself, and not enough on the core functions of strong, foundational and integrated asset management education and practices.

AMA’s philosophy is to train and coach the core, peripheral, and executive teams to gain clarity on the path of results-driven asset management. We take significant pride in the work we do, the results we achieve and the clients we have helped become successful on their asset management journeys. We are driven by results, not billable hours. Our team of asset management experts will provide tools and methodologies to drive your asset management business objectives.


TWPL provides unparalleled experience, services and tools for optimizing asset management.  These include maturity assessments and gap analyses, road mapping, training, coaching, technical solutions and real knowledge transfer.  

As major force in the development of world-wide standards for asset management, TWPL has also created leading-edge technology for decision-support and value optimization (SALVO).   This provides unique capability to model cost/risk/performance and life cycle strategies; decisions such capital investments, asset replacement timing, life extension options, maintenance, inspection and shutdown strategies, and optimal spares. TWPL’s Academy and Certified education and training portfolio includes courses aligned to the IAM Competences Framework and ISO 55000 asset management standards.



TransformNA: An integrated supply chain is an overlooked aspect of most strategic asset management initiatives.  But it can pay immediate benefits that help drive value to assets and your bottom-line.  At TransformNA, we believe that organizations are ready to take advantage of the situation where there is plenty of data but not enough intelligence. Organizations capture loads of information about their assets through their supply chain transactions but have little knowledge of how to mine the tangible business value locked within the data.  Come hear Joseph Grobler at AME and discover how to unlock the hidden value that is right in front of you. 

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