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Meet the Speaker: 
Seth McClure, Madison Water Utility

Session: Building an Asset Management Program from the Middle



Seth McClure, Asset Manager, Madison Water Utility

Seth McClure is the Asset Manager for the Madison (Wisconsin) Water Utility. Prior to MWU Seth worked as a water resources engineer for various governmental agencies and private consultants in Wisconsin. Seth has a Master’s degree in Biosystems Engineering from the University of Wisconsin, Madison and an undergraduate degree in the humanities from the University of Texas, Austin. Originally from Albuquerque, New Mexico, Seth had a previous career as a high school math and physics teacher. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin with his wife and two children.



Building an Asset Management Program from the Middle

Seth McClure, Asset Manager, Madison Water Utility

“Building from the middle” means that a small group of adherents is attempting to grow the Asset Management program, not from the top or the bottom, but OUT. MWU hired an asset manager in 2015. They then created a Strategic Asset Management Plan with the assistance of GHD, Inc. But, while MWU is advanced in some areas of asset management, several aspects of the Utility’s culture have led to difficulties in instituting Asset Management across the Utility. For instance, while the Utility possesses an extensive GIS asset register, rating systems for both their pipes and pump facilities, and a sophisticated SCADA system for monitoring water production and security, coordinating and integrating the existing and disparate Asset Management practices around the Utility into a coherent, strategic, and measurable program has proven challenging. Presently, MWU and GHD are beginning work on a Pilot Asset Management Plan for MWU’s well facilities. The goal is to institute a process (using business cases, a decision support system, etc.) to evaluate planned investment in capital projects and in maintenance strategies.


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