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Meet the Speaker:
Paul Boris

Session: The Future of Work



Paul Boris, COO, Vuzix

Paul Boris joined Vuzix after spending three years at General Electric in executive leadership roles including CIO of Advanced Manufacturing Strategy, with responsibility for one of GE’s largest technical centers, the Digital Hub Detroit, and most recently as the Vice President of Manufacturing Industries of GE Digital.  As CIO of Advanced Manufacturing Strategy for GE, he focused on driving GE’s innovative factory strategy to increase productivity and deliver the optimization of assets and operations across 400+ facilities.  In his most recent role Paul focused on defining and enabling General Electric’s commercial strategy for Brilliant Manufacturing by working with companies to accelerate their own digital transformation.

Prior to working at General Electric, Paul spent over eight years in a variety of executive roles overseeing manufacturing and operations strategy at SAP. Paul was the dynamic force behind the Perfect Plant initiatives at SAP where he was Global Vice President, Enterprise Operations Management. He served as director at the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM), the US’s largest industrial trade association for just under five years to 2014. Mr. Boris’ breadth of manufacturing operations and technology-related capabilities and experiences brings significant value to companies pursuing their own Digital Transformation.



The Future of Work

Paul Boris, COO, Vuzix

In manufacturing and operations, while we’ve been waiting for our flying company car and the announcement of the 30 hour work week, the workplace has been evolving in real-time, all around us.  Unfortunately, in manufacturing and operations we’ve got great reasons for being on the lagging edge of the curve.  Legacy equipment, garbage data, manual and paper-based processes, lack of investment all seem like insurmountable impediments in the Digital Transformation.  But if that’s the case, how do we explain the explosion of the gig economy, job portability and digitized value chains in emerging markets.  What are the the macro trends driving Digital Transformation and how will they impact the workforce of the future ?  How will these trends put your organization in a position to thrive, and why will your next-gen employees look more like Tony Stark than Fred Flintstone.

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