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Meet the Speakers: 
Mark Luciw, ARC Advisory
Francis Cianfrocca, Bayshore Networks
Jonathan Murchison, Blackpoint Cyber
Matt Morris, Siemens

Panel: Cyber-security for Industries’ Critical Assets & Infrastructure



Mark Luciw, Director of Strategic Services, Cyber-security, IoT, Smart Infrastructure, ARC Advisory

Mark has over 30 years of technology experience. His experience ranges from semiconductors, HW/SW embedded systems, application testing systems, enterprise software, and cybersecurity IT/OT. Mark has had exposure to various vertical markets including energy & water utilities, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, CPG, food & beverage, transportation, advanced manufacturing, US Federal government, and government contractors.
Prior to ARC, Mark worked with various companies including Texas Instruments, Ready Systems, Mercury Interactive, Intersolv/Merant, Worksoft, Asurity Solutions, and various other cybersecurity and consulting firms.


Francis Cianfrocca, Chairman of the Board, Bayshore Networks

Serial entrepreneur, technology executive, and industry leader. Networking and cybersecurity expert for the IoT, ICS, and industrial automation. Noted author, speaker, and contributor to industry groups. Has extensive experience identifying and addressing cyber-vulnerabilities in industrial production systems for manufacturing, automotive, pharma, electric power, oil/gas, critical infrastructure, military/defense, telco, and transportation.

Founded Bayshore Networks, Inc. With Bayshore, has initiated and led a number of partnerships with large global organizations. Created the Bayshore SingleKey/SingleView industrial protection platform and the Pallaton application-policy engine. Has convened and led several widely-adopted open-source software projects.


Matt Morris, Managing Director, Digitization & Industrial Cyber-Security, Siemens

Matt Morris is Managing Director of Digitalization & Industrial Cyber Security for Siemens, a Fortune Global 75 company. Matt was previously Vice President of Strategy, Product Management & Marketing for NexDefense, where he focused on disruption and innovation for industrial IoT and cyber security, and defined future strategic development, GTM, and investment initiatives.

Prior to NexDefense, Matt was the Global Head of Digitalization and Industrial Cyber Security at Cisco Systems, a Fortune 100 and globally recognized “Most Innovative Company”. There, he founded and managed the world’s first industrial managed security service. At Cisco, Matt was responsible for strategic direction, development and growth of the portfolio, including go-to-market and technical roadmap. He was also instrumental in working with Cisco’s Corporate Development team to research and identify potential IoT and/or Cyber Security targets for investment and/or acquisition.

Known as a visionary and passionate leader, Matt has a gift for seeing around corners, detecting market transitions and then setting technical direction, go-to- market and roadmaps to achieve extraordinary results. Matt has more than 20 years of experience in strategy, product and technology leadership spanning start-ups, multi-national and global organizations. Matt has also spent 10+ years in IT Security, in addition to spending the last decade focused on OT/ICS/SCADA cyber security.


Jonathan Murchison, Founder & CEO, Blackpoint Cyber

Jonathan Murchison, the founder and CEO of Blackpoint, started his career in Network Engineering and IT operations, but quickly made the switch to the quiet world of the intelligence community. He has since spent over twelve years planning, conducting, and executing high-priority national security missions. As a former NSA computer operations expert and IT professional, he is bringing a unique perspective to the mission of developing cyber defense software effective at detecting and detaining purposeful cyber intrusions and insider threats. Murchison holds multiple patents in methods of network analysis, defense, pattern analytics, and mobile platforms.



Cyber-security for Industries’ Critical Assets & Infrastructure

Mark Luciw, Director of Strategic Services, Cyber-security, IoT, Smart Infrastructure, ARC Advisory

Francis Cianfrocca, Chairman of the Board, Bayshore Networks
Matt Morris, Managing Director, Digitization & Industrial Cyber-security, Siemens 
Jonathan Murchison, Founder & CEO, Blackpoint Cyber

Asset owners around the world are launching digital transformation initiatives to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and attractiveness of their infrastructure and services.  Exploiting new technology developments is central to all of those efforts.  Having a proper cybersecurity strategy in place before major programs are launched is essential to avoid compromises that could jeopardize critical information, safety, and prosperity. 

Cybersecurity challenges vary significantly across the many different infrastructure investments that underlie various asset owner infrastructure.  Design information, for critical services like Power, water, buildings, plants, and transportation must be protected throughout the asset lifecycle.  Installed systems need to be protected against cyber-attacks by terrorists and unfriendly nations that might want to compromise their operation.  Users need to be assured that their information is protected whenever they use broad-based, open-wide connectivity.   

This panel discussion will bring together people with experience in each of these arenas.  The resulting discussion will educate attendees on the challenges that must be addressed and offer suggestions as to what is needed for an effective cybersecurity strategy. 


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