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Meet the Speaker: 
Marc Yarlott, Veolia

Session: Implementing ISO55000



Marc YarlottMarc Yarlott, Asset Manager, Veolia

Marc Yarlott is Project Manager, Technical Support Group for Veolia North America and thought leader in Asset Management. Marc actively oversees and develops corporate standards for equipment condition assessment, root-cause failure analysis, strategic long range planning to manage at-risk contracts, audit/track progress on asset management conformance to PAS-55, ISO55000 and WERF SAM-GAP, and the implementation of web-delivered CMMS to track maintenance activities across the service area. He holds an Operations Certification Grade IV-Wastewater Washington, is the past Asset Management Committee Chair for the Pacific Northwest Clean Water Association, and is a Certified Lubrication Specialist, CRL, CMRP and P.E. (Oregon).



Implementing ISO55000

Marc Yarlott, Asset Manager, Veolia

Implementing Asset Management industry standards, such as ISO 55000, has become a popular target to aim for because it provides a great framework. However, developing an ISO 55000 compliant asset management policy for your organization and growing your Computerized Maintenance Management System to move into compliance can be a challenge. In 2015 Veolia adopted ISO 55000 as the Asset Management framework and this presentation will share the journey towards compliance. 



  • Understanding why the asset registry and organization is the foundation
  • Optimizing workflow matters; make the right thing to do the easy thing to do
  • Learn about auditing and a feedback loop to keep asset management on track

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