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Meet the Speaker: 
Kim McArthur, ATCO Gas Australia

Session: Collaboration: Our Next Step Change to Efficiency



Kim McArthur, Manager – Asset Services, ATCO Gas Australia

Kim has worked in the utility industry for over 30 years. He began his career in Canadian nuclear operations prior to transferring into electrical power system operations which included transmission, distribution and hydroelectric generation. During this period, he was actively involved in PAS 55 roadmapping exercises and participates in the continuing evolution of the ISO 5500x suite.

In his current role as Manager – Asset Services with ATCO Gas Australia, he uses his experience to align AGA with the foundational frameworks of ISO 55001 and drive efficiencies internally and externally to the business.




Collaboration: Our Next Step Change to Efficiency

Kim McArthur, Manager – Asset Services, ATCO Gas Australia

Our companies and departments continue to change, attempting to keep up with the disruptions of the fast-paced world today. We have experienced changes in ways we assess risk, plan our work and deliver the annual plans, as well as the expectations of our stakeholders, which continue to evolve based on the availability of information being provided.

To meet these expectations, internally we analyze to find efficiencies using new methodologies and tools, and upgrading the skills of our resources. We have focused on standardizing our processes and requirements through newly developed international standards.

This case study focuses on benefits and efficiencies to be gained through collaboration with other utilities. Participants will take away an understanding of how to initiate this process, quantify the benefits of the program both internally and externally, and the tools available to assist you in this next step to efficient operation.



  • Minimize customers disruption
  • Program delivery efficiencies
  • Benefits to all utilities and shires

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