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Meet the Speaker: 
John Woodhouse, TWPL

Session: Bridging the Gaps Between …

a) strategic desires and operational realities 
b) finance folk and technical folk!



John Woodhouse, CEO, TWPL

John is CEO of the consulting and training organization, TWPL. With a personal senior management background in the oil industry (esp. Shell O&G and refining) and major engineering (Kvaerner), he launched TWPL in 1995 as a consortium of former senior industrial managers to provide pragmatic advice, training and support in physical asset-dependent organizations. John is also Founder, Fellow and Chair of the Panel of Experts for the Institute of Asset Management. He chaired the BSI/IAM development of the PAS 55 standard for optimal management of physical assets, and was UK Expert Representative in the development of the first International Standard for Asset Management (ISO55000). He has also led the development of the first published Asset Management Competences Framework (IAM 2006), and the International MACRO & SALVO collaboration programs in cost/risk optimization of asset management decisions and life cycle management. John is also author of the book ‘Managing Industrial Risk’, Publ. Chapman & Hall, 1993 and ‘Asset Management Decisions: the SALVO Process’, Publ. TWPL 2014, and lecturers widely around the world at conferences, and through university and in-house management training programs.



Bridging the Gaps Between …

a) strategic desires and operational realities and 
b) finance folk and technical folk!

John Woodhouse, CEO, TWPL

One of the biggest challenges in asset management is the injection of long-term thinking (strategic goals and sustainability) while under pressure to deliver short term results. This paper shows how leading asset management organizations are achieving both at the same time. It also explains how we can help technical folk convince financial folk about what needs to be done, when and why – in terms that financial folk can understand (value-for-money).

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