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Meet the Workshop Instructor:
Christer Idhammar

Half-day Workshop: Asset Management and the Role of Reliability Engineers

 Sunday, April 29th – 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Christer Idhammar, Author, Founder and CEO, IDCON

Christer Idhammar is a high profiled and world renowned guru and expert within Reliability and Maintenance. He began his career in the Swedish merchant marine where he started developing the fundamentals of his Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance Management concept. During the last 40 years this concept has evolved during his time as mechanic crafts person, engineer, manager, consultant, educator and philosopher, reliability guru and company leader. As a consultant he started the Idhammar group of companies in Sweden 1972 and his own company – IDCON INC – in Raleigh North Carolina, in 1985.



Asset Management and the Role of Reliability Engineers

Christer Idhammar, Founder and CEO, IDCON

Most existing reliability training programs focus on RCM, Weibull charts, statistics etc. We know that a new reliability engineer in industry is often thrown into the position with very little knowledge about what they are supposed to do. Sometimes they are direct out of college and have the theoretical knowledge but we know that much of that will never be used in the real world.

This work shop is designed for reliability engineers in an industrial setting. It is teaching all the basics a reliability engineer must know. It is not theoretical and focus on the hands on work a reliability engineer should do.

We have found that the role of a reliability engineer often is not clear and many reliability engineers end up in doing a lot of work not always related to what they should do.

Pre-conference Half-day Workshop – separately bookable

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