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Meet the Workshop Instructor:
Jason Ballentine

Half-day Workshop: Reliability for Design

 Sunday, April 29th – 12:30 PM – 3:30 PM


Jason Ballentine, General Manager – Engineering, ARMS Reliability

Jason has a degree in Mechanical Engineering and has been with ARMS Reliability since 2005. He is a reliability and maintenance strategy expert who oversees all of ARMS Reliability’s improvement projects across North America, working with clients in a wide-range of industries on sizable and complex reliability projects. Some of his areas of expertise include: maintenance strategy development, reliability centered maintenance, system availability, reliability implementation programs, and root cause analysis facilitation and investigation.



Reliability For Design

Jason Ballentine, General Manager – Engineering, ARMS Reliability

How do you know if your plant is designed to deliver the target level of productivity? For many organizations their answer is “we don’t know”. New capital projects are typically designed with the main goals of achieving the lowest possible capital outlay for plant and equipment while maintaining the plant’s ability to meet productivity targets. Too often; however, minimizing costs ultimately garners most of the focus in the design phase and as a result plants are handed over to operations teams that simply aren’t designed for reliability. Then the consequences start to appear – High number of failures and breakdowns, no way to achieve better performance from equipment short of a redesign, maintenance costs too high for the plant to be sustainable for the long term.

To combat this, world-leading organizations are starting to require that a RAMS Analysis (Reliability, Availability, Maintenance, and Safety Analysis) be completed at each project stage. These studies serve as checkpoints with scenario modeling that provides various options to the project team as to how they can meet the business goals of the project at the lowest possible cost. Sophisticated organizations are also incorporating peer reviews to challenge the plant designs and Life-cycle Cost Analysis to evaluate the project over a longer period to predict costs, so they can plan and budget accordingly.

This workshop will cover the benefits of designing for reliability and what that process should look like to ensure a sustainable, successful plant is handed over to Operations. 

Attendees will learn:

  • How to conduct scenario modelling of the plant design and configuration to ensure the plant meets its availability and production requirements at the lowest cost
  • How to prevent hidden failures and bottlenecks caused by poor plant design
  • How to develop budget predictions around availability, capacity, labor needs, spares needs, and maintenance costs
  • How to build maintenance strategies for projects that help ensure the predicted availability is realized

Pre-conference Half-day Workshop – separately bookable

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