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Executive Forum: Monday 11:15 AM – 4:45 PM

Executive Roundtable Details

Experiences, Frustrations and Practical Solutions in the Handling of Competing Priorities
John Woodhouse, TWPL

Senior executives, work planners and even the front-line workforce, regularly have to handle competing demands, expectations, constraints and priorities.  This roundtable opens up the typical issues and their practical solutions to develop a more consistent, transparent and value-prioritized way of resolving the conflicts and agreeing the way forward.  It draws on the latest research and techniques for handling trade-off’s between costs, risks and performance, and between short-term opportunities/constraints and downstream consequences, including methods to monetize the ‘intangibles’ and uncertainties.


#GSD = Getting Stuff Done
Paul Boris, COO Vuzix Corporation

#GSD = Getting Stuff Done:  Avoiding a million “random acts of brilliance” – or how to enable a cohesive strategy to move your organization forward quickly.
(This is essentially lessons learned from SAP, GE and interactions with thousands of companies.  How to successfully iterate between strategy and action to move a culture forward, wrapped around the future of work topic and use of wearables, etc)



Asset Strategy: an Executive Management Discussion 
Drew D. Troyer, CRE

The purpose for this roundtable discussion is to provide a shared learning environment where senior managers may openly discuss how the performance of physical assets serves the corporate mission to create profits, assure safety and environmental performance, and minimize risk to the organization.

The scope for this roundtable discussion is to openly discuss the interaction between functional operations throughout the organization and asset performance.  Key areas for discussion include sales, marketing and business development, asset design, acquisition and commission, asset operations within the asset strategy.  Maintenance and disposition have been intentionally omitted.


Strategic Asset Management Summarized
Chris Roberts, WSP & IAM USA Chapter
Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf & IAM Canadian Chapter

What is asset management? Should you do asset management? What should you do first? How do you implement an asset management system? What about culture and people? Who’s adopting it and why? How to approach external assessment? To certify or not? What to do about your supply chain? Is my organization and am I ready for the journey?

Chris and Boudewijn will lead a discussion to make sense of these and other questions and wrap up the discussions of the day.