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Meet the Speaker:
Drew Troyer, Sigma Reliability

Session: From Asset Management to Asset Strategy – Creating a Competitive Advantage



Drew Troyer, Principal, Sigma Reliability

Drew D. Troyer has more than 25 years of practical experience as a reliability engineer and asset management thought leader. An advisor to hundreds of blue chip clients in the manufacturing, mining and process industries, Drew brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and creativity to organizations to enable them to increase the productivity, safety and environmental performance of their engineered assets, while simultaneously reducing the cost of ownership. His client list reads like a who’s who of global industry. Drew has authored more than 200 books, chapters, articles and technical papers on various aspects of reliability engineering and management. He’s created numerous training workshops, including Reliability Engineering in Dollars & $ense and Cut the FLAB with Proactive Maintenance, which focuses on fasteners, lubrication, alignment and balance – the foundation of equipment reliability. Drew holds the Certified Reliability Engineer (CRE), Certified Maintenance & Reliability Professional (CMRP), and MBA qualifications. Drew is also passionate about land conservation and preserving our natural resources for future generations. He chairs the board of directors for the Compatible Lands Foundation, a nonprofit land trust.



From Asset Management to Asset Strategy – Creating a Competitive Advantage

Drew Troyer, Principal, Sigma Reliability

With the passage of PAS 55 and ISO 55000, asset management is getting a lot of attention these days. In general, asset management addresses the tactical elements associated with managing the reliability of production assets over their lifecycle. Is asset management enough? I don’t think so. The firm that depends on assets to serve the profit, safety, customer satisfaction and environmental aspects of its mission requires an ASSSET STRATEGY to achieve and sustain a competitive advantage, maximize return on net assets (RONA) and serve other aspects of its mission. In this session, we’ll discuss assets from the perspective of strategy and achieving a competitive advantage in the marketplace utilizing the Hayes and Wheelwright model of operational excellence. We’ll briefly discuss how the traditional roles of asset management – design, operations and maintenance – affect success. But, then we’ll dive into other functional activities, such as sales and marketing, supply chain, health, environmental & safety (HES), human resources, and financial planning and management, including mergers & acquisitions to discuss the many ways that they affect asset productivity and the firm’s ability to serve its mission across the value stream and to create a competitive advantage.




  • Greater understanding of business process maturity
  • A roadmap to a world class utility
  • Avenue for continuous improvement via practices, metrics and safety performance
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