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Meet the Speakers: 
Dave Clark, City of Washington DC
Rob Corazzola, PowerPlan

Session: Asset Management in State and Local Government – Journey to Data-Driven Decision Management of Capital Assets



Dave Clark, Director, Capital Improvements Program, City of Washington DC

David Clark began his employment with the District of Columbia government after a 24 year career with the US Postal Service. He began his postal career as a letter carrier working his way up to serving as the Postmaster of Washington DC for 7 years. He spent his last 2 years with the USPS as the Manager of Vehicle Operations nationally where he oversaw the largest non-military fleet in the world, with over 210,000 delivery vehicles.

Dave began work in the District of Columbia as the agency Director for the Department of Consumer and Regulatory Affairs in 2001. For the last 8 years, Dave has served in the independent Office of the Chief Financial Offer as the Director of the Capital Improvements Program. The District’s capital program encompasses over 800 hundred current projects with an annual budget of about $1.4 billion dollars, with assets valued at over $17 Billion.

In addition to his work in developing the asset modeling and financial planning tools for the District, he has worked on the creation of a long-term financial plan, both operating and capital, for the Washington Area Metropolitan Area Transit Authority – known to most as the Metro. He also serves on a 9-member panel through the Transportation Research Board and the National Academy of Sciences writing a Guidebook for Effective Debt Management Policies and Practices for Surface Transportation to help guide state Departments of Transportation in ways to fund their needs.

Dave did his undergraduate work at the State University of New York at Albany, and holds a MBA from the George Washington University in Washington DC. He has also done graduate course work at Harvard University, and the American Management Association in New York City.


Rob Corazzola, Vice President, PowerPlan

Rob Corazzola is the vice president of global business development for asset management at PowerPlan Inc., and is responsible for sales and business development activities across North America and Australasia. Educated and certified as a civil engineer, he has worked for 35 years in leadership roles for both local government and the private sector, in companies like Hansen, SAP, and Microsoft, and has now returned to his true passion – Technology and Asset Management.

He lives in Mississauga with his beautiful wife and three children, and is entertained daily by Kenzie the family dog.




Asset Management in State and Local Government – Journey to Data-Driven Decision Management of Capital Assets

Dave Clark, Director, Capital Improvements Program, City of Washington DC
Rob Corazzola, Vice President, PowerPlan

Organizations have invested large amounts of time and resources into collecting capital asset data, implementing the needed modeling software, and then trying to make that data available and meaningful to other stakeholders, with the hope that some management action will occur that helps the organization drive proper investment in its assets.

The City of Washington DC has made the journey to an effective asset management plan. They have defined the total capital asset need, the gap between the total need and the current budget/revenue required to meet that need, and now have recently enacted legislation to fund the gap.

Wall Street bond rating agencies are now including the status and any progress in meeting the total capital needs as part of their evaluation of the District’s credit rating. Washington DC reached this success level in less than two years from an initial proof of concept using the PowerPlan AMP modeling product.

The presenters will discuss three key questions; 1) How does an organization start the journey, given that asset data may not be complete or accurate, 2) How can you objectively prioritize and quantify infrastructure needs and, 3) What are the benefits of modeling my assets and the investment needs, and how do I measure them? Join us to find out what can you learn and apply to your organization from a look into the Washington DC journey… behind the scenes.


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