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Meet the Speaker:
Cliff Williams, ERCO Worldwide

Session: Reliability Drives Value – But Who Owns It Under ISO 55000?



Cliff Williams, Corporate Maintenance Manager, ERCO Worldwide

Cliff is author of the best-selling maintenance novel ‘People – A Reliability Success Story’ He is a maintenance and Asset Management educator and a keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Cliff was awarded the Sergio Guy Memorial Award for contribution to maintenance and reliability in 2012 and is a Director with the Plant Engineering and Maintenance Association of Canada.
Cliff has been the facilitator for offerings of PEMAC’s Asset Management Professional Certification program that focuses on the approach to ISO 55000. He also graduated as one of the first cohort of Certified Asset Management Professionals.

Cliff has worked in the steel, pulp and paper industries as well as for food giants Coca Cola, Kraft and Wrigley. Cliff’s focus has always been on developing the systems and people he has worked with – whatever the industry. His belief is that success is achieved through the synergies of the teams he has worked with.

Currently Cliff enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience as an adviser on maintenance and reliability for people and processes Inc.

He is also Corporate Maintenance Manager with ERCO Worldwide, a Canadian Chemical manufacturer with plants in North and South America.



Reliability Drives Value – But Who Owns It Under ISO 55000?

Cliff Williams, Corporate Maintenance Manager, ERCO Worldwide

For many years we have seen the term Maintenance and Reliability being used extensively and because of that it has been assumed that the Maintenance departments were responsible for reliability. Is that true? Are there any other influences? And how does reliability figure in ISO 55000, the Asset Management System standard? Obviously we need reliability to derive value but under Asset Management we need to take a fresh approach. Join us to see how reliability is in fact a shared responsibility but how, under ISO 55000 scenarios, the owners are not those normally expected to be involved. As organizations face global competition and reduced budgets, ensuring reliability has become essential for those organizations that wish to succeed on a sustainable basis. Let’s learn how we can ensure it.

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