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Meet the Speakers:
Al Ogden, W.R. Grace
Jason Ballentine, ARMS Reliability

Session: Delivering Predictable Operational Performance



Al Ogden, Maintenance Excellence Leader, W.R. Grace

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Jason Ballentine, General Manager – Engineering, ARMS Reliability

Jason Ballentine holds a Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering and is a Certified Maintenance and Reliability professional. At ARMS Reliability, Jason manages the multitude of reliability projects undertaken by ARMS Reliability Engineers in North America. This includes maintenance strategy development and optimization, RAMS studies, Asset Strategy Management, and the life cycle analysis studies for different industry sectors.



Delivering Predictable Operational Performance

Al Ogden, Maintenance Excellence Leader, W. R. Grace
Jason Ballentine, General Manager – Engineering, ARMS Reliability

Poor reliability of equipment and processes can have sudden and disastrous effects on the ability of an organization to deliver operational or project objectives. Reliability problems can lead to unexpected downtime, poor quality product or service, missed operational targets, significant remedial costs, poor safety and a rise in incidents. Managing reliability well seems elusive to most organizations who find it difficult to connect reliability strategy to maintenance execution. In many organizations, the tendency is to focus on maintenance execution alone, in the belief that plant reliability will improve. In order to improve execution, focus is placed on the work management process, work management KPIs, and Master Data. The reality is that even world class execution of a poor strategy won’t deliver on operational objectives in a predictable consistent way. Many organizations are executing inconsistent or sub optimal strategies, leading to variable results, continued under-performance, and significant failures and outages. Institutionalizing Asset Strategy Management (ASM) into the operation reduces failures, downtime and risk, and as a consequence, total cost of operations are lower. Deploying the optimal strategy across all assets and monitoring performance provides the means to improve reliability across all assets, and to sustain the improved performance over time, and throughout periods of change. This presentation discusses the impact of removing the inconsistent outcomes from asset strategies, allowing for any pockets of excellence to be deployed to all relevant assets, and driving continuous reliability improvement.

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  • Benefit – Decreased Opex costs through targeted capital spend from improved use of data
  • Benefit – Increased customer satisfaction through improved customer experience
  • Lesson learned – Secure your foundational components first (strategy and tactics, data, data model, business processes) and proceed towards your vision for innovation in steps that can be delivered to the business as outcomes wherever possible
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