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Meet the Speaker:
Andrew Clarkson, American Water

Session: Leveraging GIS to Drive Value and Reliability from Assets



Andrew Clarkson, VP of Operations, American Water

Andrew Clarkson is the vice president of operations at Missouri American Water Company which is the third largest operating company in the American Water system with 475,000 customers.  He was previously AW’s Corporate Director of Asset Performance with responsibilities to coordinate, monitor and report on all maintenance activities throughout the company.  He was also responsible for delivering a strategic asset management plan, and creating a data governance organization for the EAM area of American Water. 

Andrew has an Associate’s degree in Water and Wastewater Technology, a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Geology and a Master’s of Business Administration.



Leveraging GIS to Drive Value and Reliability from Assets

Andrew Clarkson, VP of Operations, American Water

In an industry that often struggles to apply technology to achieve strategic outcomes, American Water is driving innovation as a strategy across its businesses. One area of intense focus for new innovation is Enterprise Asset Management. American Water has made a strong investment in GIS and has multiple teams from across the businesses working together to make American Water a leader in all industries for strategic innovation that impacts the bottom line and drives value from our physical assets. This presentation will cover the shift in data strategy to provide better GIS and work management tools to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

American Water is the largest investor-owned water and wastewater services company in the United States, providing 15 million people with essential water and wastewater services every day.

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  • Benefit – Decreased Opex costs through targeted capital spend from improved use of data
  • Benefit – Increased customer satisfaction through improved customer experience
  • Lesson learned – Secure your foundational components first (strategy and tactics, data, data model, business processes) and proceed towards your vision for innovation in steps that can be delivered to the business as outcomes wherever possible
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