2018 AME Agenda Released

Asset Management Ecosystem Agenda is Live  

“What Drives Value from Assets in Your Organization?”

People, process, culture, strategy, methodology, technology, leadership, finance, procurement, operations, supply chain, engineering, reliability, maintenance, IT…or all of the above?

The AME conference is technology/platform agnostic and focuses on how companies can improve business outcomes by adapting a carefully considered asset management strategy.  AME will cover the entire life-cycle on the asset, with focus on people, process, culture, planning, strategies and methodologies, and then the tools and technology to execute.  The program is positioned to the entire ecosystem of the business, and the objective is to get all stakeholders engaged in the goal of driving value from assets.

The 2018 Asset Management Ecosystem conference on April 29 – May 2 in Baltimore, Maryland will bring together many asset-intensive industries to discuss their strategies for a holistic asset management approach.

Check out the agenda

Come engage with over 45 speakers in 13 plenary sessions27 track sessionsround-table discussionsexpert panels, and tons of networking. AME 2018 will include discussions on many challenging issues organizations face in their asset management initiatives, including:

  • Asset Management Maturity
  • Definition of Asset Management
  • Communication
  • ISO50000
  • Decision Analysis
  • Insurance and Regulatory Drivers
  • Balance of Short/Long Term
  • People/Process/Culture
  • Capex – Opex
  • Life-cycle Perspective
  • Who Owns Asset Management
  • Strategic Asset Management
  • Tactical Asset Management
  • Business Case for Asset Management
  • Driving Value from Assets
  • And much more…

Join our fast growing Strategic Asset Management community and, be part of the (r)evolution of Asset Management.


Monday Plenary Monday Sessions
Tuesday Plenary Tuesday Sessions


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