Uberlytics, MCES Complete First Phase of Criticality Analysis for Asset Management

Phoenix, AZ –  In March 2016, Uberlytics was contracted by Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES) to facilitate two criticality analyses that will identify system/asset structure and provide a criticality ranking for equipment in two facilities. These first studies will establish an approach to complete criticality analyses in all MCES facilities in the future in order[…]

Preventative Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance, Predictive Analytics?

[This post was written and provided by Krista Grochowski and Rich Padula of Havensight Consulting.] Let’s start with some basic definitions: Preventative Maintenance (PM):  Regularly performed tasks on a working piece of equipment that lessens the likelihood of that equipment failing. Predictive Maintenance (PdM):  Methods designed to determine the condition of working equipment in order to predict[…]

SEAMS: The asset investment planning challenge and how to solve it:

SEAMS: The asset investment planning challenge and how to solve it: Globally, many utility companies report a stark contrast between their strategic plan and their actual delivery plans. For a variety of reasons, the projects carried out often bear little or no relation to the strategic investment plan. The success of individual projects, the way[…]