GE Digital’s Shefali Patel to Speak at AME

Look Who’s Speaking  Shefali Patel, Director of Strategy & Marketing at GE Digital Shefali Patel is the Director for Marketing at GE. Her focus at GE Digital is to commercialize GE’s industrial internet applications, specifically asset performance management and drive product innovation in software and data analytics. She is a proud member of a highly[…]

The Three Pillars of an Integrated Asset Management Platform [3 of 3]

The Three Pillars of an Integrated Asset Management Platform [Post 3 of 3; Provided by Critigen] Reporting and Analytics Adding location to reporting and analytics brings new insights to organizations and is an important consideration in the overall GIS-SAP integration strategy. Specifically, the visualization of data, the availability and source of the data, and the[…]

Introducing: Vesta Hydrogen

Introducing: Vesta Hydrogen Recently Vesta, a global SAP EAM consulting firm and partner of the Asset Management Ecosystem, announced their new EAM Mobility Solution: “Vesta Hydrogen.” [Adopted from Vesta’s website:] Stamford, CT, October 11, 2016 – Vesta Partners, a global SAP EAM consulting firm, announces the releases of a new EAM Mobility Solution, called[…]